Diamond Grinding

Advantages of Diamond Grinding

Cost efficient

Reduces lane closers

Smoother drive for all vehicles

Improvement in skid resistance when breaking

Increase in fuel economy

Corrective / Profile Grinding

R E Mason Engineering Inc. supports all concrete construction projects where final ride quality or smoothness test are required. 

R E Mason Engineering’s corrective and profile grinding services corrects failed ride test pavements and imperfections. We own and operate profile testing equipment that uses surface testing laser technology for the best results. R E Mason Engineering’s team is trained to evaluate clients results from surface testing to insure our clients goals are met.

inertial Profiling

We use the latest SSI technology to guarantee perfection.

Our Services Include:

Inertial Profiler Verification

Profile Testing Services

Technician Services

Diamond Grooving

Diamond Grooving is used to reduce vehicle accidents and improve traction. With the groves patterned into the concrete, hydroplaning is reduced by water replacement. The overall control and safety is improved by Diamond Grooving.
Grooving also improves:


Pavement drying time


Bridge Deck / Runway Grooving

Bridge Deck Grooving

Hydroplaning is especially dangerous on a bridge. Luckily, R E Mason Engineering is trained in bridge deck grooving. Bridge Deck Grooving improves drainage, promotes faster pavement drying time, and increases the friction.

Improve drainage

Faster drying time

Increased friction

Airport Runway Grooving

Recently, R E Mason Engineering’s team worked on the San Diego Airport. With our experience we were able to complete the project and insure safety for future flights.

Reduces skids on wet or flooded runways

Provides nose-wheel steering

Prevents drift and weathervaning

Improves overall ground handling and stopping

Prevents drift at touchdown in flooded area due to high cornering forces



R E Mason Engineering is a diamond grinding company in the state of California. Our trained employees provide unparalleled service to satisfy exacting jobs. Large or small, we can handle the job. Our expectation for perfection will give customers the completed work they desire.


We have done projects all over California. We have hopes to complete projects in all 50 states. Let us help perfect your next project. Contact us today!


Rumble strips are a cost-effective road safety feature that we are proud to provide. Our trained professionals have the knowledge and skills to effectively install them.


Highway grinding on
interstate 5

RE Mason Engineering has worked on many projects throughout the past 4 years. One of those projects was on Interstate 5. Our team is dedicated to perfection, making our highways smooth and safe to drive on. Interstate 5 is one of the most used highways in California. Let us know how we can help with your next project by requesting a quote or giving us a call!

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